Sunday, May 30, 2010

sketch and studies

Some figure sketches and studies

was doing a creature concept based on a rhino and an african bullfrog. here are a some studies on the actual animals before doing the concept.

some figure studies and drawings from life

Monday, May 17, 2010

"The Help" Final Cover(s)

I went with the grass blade and dew idea. The critique i received was to make the image look more like an illustration rather than a photo. So i took this opportunity to play around with colors i've never really tried before and also different types of brushes.

As an image i personally like the version with the red/blue color scheme but felt the other 2 expressed the book better. There were other people that also preferred the other 2.

"The Help" Thumbs

Here's a class assignment where we would create a bookcover for the novel "The Help." The book deals with racism in the south during the 1960's. A touchy subject matter thats usually hard to deal with just because of the sensitivity of the topic. I felt that the best way to tackle this was to make the image a metaphorical representation of what the book is about rather than a literal image of what it's about.

I wanted to create an image that has more of an emotional impact rather than a narrative one. anyways, here' are my thumbs. the red lines represent where the text is going to go.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Picture Perfect

Final image of the Plastic surgery editorial. It took a little longer than i thought. I wanted that kind of cheesy photo look. Like it was taken at a cheap ass photo studio. I think it adds to these characters who are trying to look as perfect as possible. i realize that that woman's fake ass takes up a lot of space on the right. lol

heres the line-work for the image. they dont look as creepy here as in the rendered version.

Plastic Surgery Editorial Thumbs and Sketches

Alright, so here are my two thumbnails and corresponding sketches for an editorial on plastic surgery

Pretty straight to the point idea. Passport photo doesn't look like actual person. did some sketches for the before and after shot. played with square vs circular head shapes whilst still keeping body proportions close.

This was my first idea and eventually the one i went with. Image of a picture and frame. Parents did too much plastic surgery that the son doesn't look anything like them. Again, i tried to play around with circular and round versus square and angular shapes.