Sunday, November 29, 2009

Drawing for Film (3)

Here is the other character from the bluebeard story. In the begining i was still sticking close to my normal way of drawing but i loosened up a bit afterwards.

Drawing for Film (2)

Here's a second attempt at the bluebeard character. i think its a little better.

Drawing for Film (1)

Some stuff from my Drawing for film class. im doing the story "Bluebeard." this class really takes me out of my comfort zone. im drawing in a way iv never done before so its really uncomfortable to me. but im learnin a hell lot. here's my first attempt.

Babayaga (4) thumbnails and Action sheets

Here are some action sheets i did for the girl character design.

more action!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Babayaga (3)

Continuing my babayaga project. here is a breakdown of the girl characters head. how the hair bundles attach to the head and a little breakdown of the hair ornaments

expression sheet!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Babayaga (2) Girl final design

here is my final design of the girl from the babayaga story along with the color comps i did for it. i decided to make my design coincide more with African traditional clothing.

Babayaga adaptation project (1) rejected design

been really busy this semester and i finally found some time to upload some stuff. here is a rejected character design i did. i scrapped it because it didnt fit with the overall theme that i was going for. i based the design on the hanbok. oh, and this is supposed to be design to be adapted into a game.

here are some color comps

the final design drawing with the clothing breakdown