Friday, November 18, 2011

The Red Swan

Long time no post. Work has been keeping me busy, for the past few months however i've been working on this project on my free time for my portfolio. It's based on a native american folklore titled "The Red Swan," and i am happy to be able to finally post it up in it's entirety. Thanks for looking!


Annie Hughes said...

I wish I had a fraction of your talent. Love the update, it's so beautiful and inspiring!

Shara Mills said...

Wow, I love your character designs. Why did you choose to paint the red swan, bird and portrait, in a more painterly style? Aside from the story beats they stick out from all the other character designs. The red swan's avian form doesn't quite have the wonderful sensitivity, subtlety, and stylization that your human characters do. It might be worth it to put a little more love into the bird side of the red swan. I think it's how simplified the bird's form and anatomy are compared to the intricate and accurate design of your humans. Truly amazing product. Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

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